GelEval. Quantification, scanning, image analysis and evaluation of gels, gel lanes and gel bands: protein, DNA and RNA electrophoresis gels (agarose, acrylamide, polyacrylamide, SDS-PAGE); immunoblots, Western blots, Southern blots, Northern blots; dot and slot blots. Software (computer program) for Mac (Macintosh) OS X.

FrogDance Software


GelEval is a Macintosh software tool designed primarily for molecular biologists for quantifying images of electrophoresis gels (e.g. RNA, DNA or protein gels or Western blots).


GelEval allows you to measure the densities of gel bands or to scan entire gel lanes.

GelEval also allows you to annotate gels with text in a wide range of formats.

Starting from the scanned image of a gel, GelEval allows you to delimit the boundaries of individual bands and lanes. The total density of individual bands can then be measured. If your gel contains known standards, line-fitting can be applied to express band intensity relative to the standards. Alternatively, lanes can be scanned to give a graphical representation of intensity as you move from top to bottom of the delimited region.

These features are presented with an easy-to-use interface that uses intuitive Macintosh actions. All your measurements can be saved to a custom quantification file for future reference.

Most recent version: GelEval 1.37